Quest 2 Elite Pro Balance 150 gram (5 Oz)

Quest 2 Elite Pro Balance 150 gram (5 Oz)

Simple and effective solution to improve the Quest 2 Elite strap. This mod works by lifting front weight off your face and reducing the need for overtightening. Perfect for glasses users or anyone wanting to improve comfort over long game sessions. It's thin low profile design makes it barely noticable once fitted.  Our super comfortable Looptex fabric wraps around the hard Elite strap adding a soft padded layer for the back of your head


Highly recommended to use in combination with our Quest 2 Deluxe comfort strap. See link below:
Quest 2 Elite Pro Balance 150 gram Enthusiast kit


  • 100% flexible. Can be re bent to suit any head shape
  • Simply wraps on for easy installation. No sticking of velcro required. Holds firmly with no chance of falling off. Can be easily removed in seconds
  • Low profile design. Adds less than 1 cm to the back of the Quest strap without blocking air flow
  • Made with own custom weight insert designed specifically to match the Quest 2 Elite back strap for optimal size/weight ratio
  • The extra padded layer around the hard rubber back strap to helps relieve pressure points
  • Can be easily cleaned with vacuume, tape or lint roller. Do not immerse in water
  • Genuine hand made item produced with locally sourced materials


Disclaimer: This mod is in not an authorized Oculus product and not affiliated with Oculus or Facebook, Inc. We use the name Quest for description only. Once fitting we highly recommend you handle your Quest with care using both hands to avoid damage to the headstrap

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