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Improves comfort for long game sessions

PSVR Deluxe Strap

PSVR Deluxe Strap

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Our Deluxe strap is designed to work with the rubber spring tensioners disabled. Please note unclipping the bands will only realease the pull back mechanism which is no longer needed with the Deluxe strap installed. The tightness dial at the back will not be affected. You can still tighten the head strap once fitted

Unclip each side of the pad. Don't try to force off the middle section  (See next instruction)

Unclipping the back pad

With the ends of the pad unclipped, Push hard on the center and rotate anticlockwise

Note the side clips push in. The middle of the pad has slotted holes which slide off when turned anticlockwise

Remove metal clips holding the rubber bands with

a flat head screw driver

Store tensioner clips in bag provided

Replace the back pad in the reverse order. The rubber tensioners can be left loose under the Deluxe Strap. Wrap the Deluxe strap around outside of tensioner and forehead pad



All_Aboards.  "My first impressions are that the strap seems well made, it fits well, and it's comfortable. I've mostly played sit-down VR games since I fitted it but I did give "To The Top" a try which I find usually makes me break into a sweat after 15 minutes or so. The strap didn't seem to make me break a sweat any sooner than without it" Link

LetsPlayPSVR.  "It's a really snug fit, I thought it was going to be slack and was totally shocked when I tried it on and played some extremely active games" Link

VRFANATEC.  "Tried mine out last night with three hours of Skyrim. Once adjusted I find the headset sits perfectly balanced without needing to tighten the back dial much. Now if feels like the headsets customized for my head" Link

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