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Helps improve comfort by supporting front weight


Quest Deluxe Strap

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The Quest Deluxe Strap has been designed to help support front weight of the headset. It also improves comfort by adding a soft padded layer giving a more sung fit. Although this mod works great alone we highly recommend adding small weights to the back of the Quest strap. This can be done easily by taping small objects such as batteries, coins or bolts. For a more premium option we offer a Counter Weight Wrap specifically designed for the Quest back strap. You can read more about that here: LINK

These instructions are only a guide. HMD comfort is subjective for each user. Try experimenting to find the best configuration for your head shape


Included in this Kit: 

1x Quest Deluxe Strap

1x Non adhesive hook Velcro strip

4x Adhesive hook Velcro tabs

2x Adhesive loop Velcro tabs


Start by placing the deluxe strap across the top of your head with the hook Velcro tabs on the end facing up. With your other hand drop the Quest down over the Deluxe strap. Pull the strap down evenly on each side of your head


Fold the ends of the Deluxe strap up over the sides of the Quest strap to hook back onto itself. Pull the strap up a little and hook on to help lift weight off you face

 Once adjusted pull the top Quest strap tight and hook back down to rest on top of the Deluxe strap


If necessary you can use the supplied adhesive hook Velcro tabs to help hold the Deluxe strap in place. Try adjusting the strap first then apply the tabs once it's in the most comfortable position. Be careful not to apply the tabs too close to the Quests sliding strap tensioners as they might stop it from moving to it's tightest setting. There are two pairs of hook Velcro provided in case you decide to change the

position of the tabs


Once you have determined the best position for the Deluxe Strap you can use the optional strip of non adhesive hook Velcro to hold the two straps together. Using this also helps hold the strap in a froward position over your forehead which works best for most people


It might take a few long sessions to find the perfect setup. Once fully adjusted the headset should mount easily like a baseball cap 


Our deluxe strap is designed to support front weight. For best results we recommend using it in combination with counter weights attached to the back strap. This can be done by simply taping small items such as batteries to the back strap. Tightly packed items such as coins, batteries or bolts are a good example

From testing we believe
 4 AA batteries is sufficient to help balance the front heaviness. However comfort is subjective for each user so we suggest experimenting yourself to find the best configuration. Just be sure not to damage the Quest strap from overloading

For a more premium solution try checking out Quest Counter Weight Wrap

More information here: