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2 Pack Combo PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit 150 Gram (5 Oz)

2 Pack Combo PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit 150 Gram (5 Oz)

This discounted Combo Pack includes 2x PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kits 150 Gram (5 Oz)

2x PSVR2 Deluxe Comfort Strap

2x PSVR2 150gram counter balance kits (4x 75gram wraps total)


You Tube Impressions here  LINK

PSVR2 Silicone Sleeve Ultimate Protection Kit  HERE



Easy fit wrap on design. The pair of ultra slim counter weights add a further 150 grams to the back strap helping lift front weight off the forehead. Combined with our PSVR2 Deluxe Comfort Strap this kit is perfect for extending long game sessions like Grand Turismo and horizon call of the mountain, glasses users or anyone wanting to relieve presure off the forehead


Balancing the headset also allows you to loosen the rear tensioner dial relieving pressure of the forehead. The weighted inserts have been custom molded specifically to fit the back of the PSVR2 back strap

  • Produced with our custom curved counter weight inserts designed specifically fit the back of the PSVR2 head strap
  • Simple wrap on design for easy installation. No sticking of velcro required. Holds firmly with no chance of falling off. Can be easily removed in seconds
  • Can be cleaned with vacuum, tape or lint roller. Do not immerse in water
  • Genuine hand made item produced with locally sourced materials
    $69.90 Regular Price
    $38.95Sale Price

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