Valve Index Interface & Foam Replacement Set

Interface & Foam Replacement Set for Valve Index which fully replaces the original face gasket, each set gives you a magnetic facial interface, two foam replacements – Standard and Comfort



Valve Index Head Strap Cover

Experience a fresher, cleaner headset when you add our hygienic 100% cotton. This absorbent cotton cover wraps onto the strap and quickly soaks up sweat from the back of your head



Silicone Cover for Valve Index

Level up the hygiene on your Valve Index and keep it sweat-free with non-absorbent Silicone Covers. When applied to the facial interface, it acts as a protective layer to the foam



Valve Index

Full Kit


Valve Index Full Kit. Superior displays and optics, off-ear audio, and adjustable comfort. Full kit includes headset, 2.0 base stations and controllers




Index Controller Stand and Charge Station

Stores and Charges Valve Index VR controllers - Compact and stable design takes up minimal space - Includes 5ft USB-C cables x2. Anodized Gunmetal Grey Aluminum Base with Solid African Walnut Wood Top (Satin Finish)



HTC Steam VR Base Station 2.0


HTC's latest Steam VR 2.0 base station. Includes One base station and one power adapter per order. Fits standard threaded mounting points. Cord: 8' 2'' L. Compatible with Vive Pro, Index and Pimax headsets



Cable Management Pulley System for Index

This VR Cable Management System adopts silicone, ABS and rubber materials and noise dampener technology to maximize silence and minimize cable tug during use, make you easier to get fully immersed without noise around and tripping over cables



HTC Steam VR Modular Tracker

With Vive tracker, play VR games and experiences never possible before. With the compact, highly flexible, Easy to attach Vive tracker you'll be able to bring physical objects into your virtual world, like a pair of gloves to play musical instruments, or rock climb



Index Headset Stand With Controller Mounts

Perfect Stand for displaying and storing the Steam Valve Index virtual reality headset and controllers. Compatible with most standard sized VR headsets including Oculus  Quest, PSVR-Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Pro