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Quest & Index Counter Weight Review

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Quest Deluxe & Quest Pro Review

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Review HP Reverb G2 Review

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HP Reverb G2 Review

MRTV - Odyssey Strap Review

Vive Report

Index Counter Weight Review

Valve Index Comfort Mod Review

Tyriel Wood - Odyssey Strap Review

Android Central - Quest Deluxe Review

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Index Counter Weight + Comfort Strap Review

Vive Report. "After a little over two weeks of testing, I can “comfortably” say I recommend the counterweight ". Link

Quest 500 gram counterweight review

Nicolea9000. "Of all the counterweights I've seen this one is the best hands down ". Link

Quest Deluxe Strap

Android Central. "The best $20 you can spend on your Oculus Quest ". Link

Quest 500 Gram Counter Weight

Talsemgeest. "Just got my weighted straps for the Quest, makes it so much more comfortable on the face ". Link

Quest Deluxe Strap

MaceZilla. "My strap arrived today and I'm happy with it. It's very simple, but effective. And what's nice is that once you find the right fit for you, it's locked in (if you use the option velcro for connecting the top strap) ". Link

Quest Deluxe Strap

Gregasy. "Once I got it right, it's great! It's soft and being quite wide it means the weight is much better distributed on your head. I noticed I don't even need to tighten the top strap at all!) ". Link

Odyssey Strap

Noro. "Simple to attach, and once you figured the best length it is also much quicker to dial in your personal sweet spot which is nice in addition to a better and more comfortable weight distribution
It helped wonders on my OD+". Link

Odyssey Strap

Oddzball.  "Just wanted to give a shout out for their headstrap. It made a WORLD of difference in terms of comfort for the Odyssey+ I can pretty much play indefinitely now without issue" Link

Apache DAS Strap

No_Manual.  "My pimax with das, vrcover, and apachi headstrap is the most comfortable hmd I’ve ever used with p5k+" Link

PSVR Deluxe Strap

All_Aboards.  "My first impressions are that the strap seems well made, it fits well, and it's comfortable. I've mostly played sit-down VR games since I fitted it but I did give "To The Top" a try which I find usually makes me break into a sweat after 15 minutes or so. The strap didn't seem to make me break a sweat any sooner than without it" Link

Apache DAS strap


Twacker.  "Professionally packaged, nicely sewn and a considerable increase in comfort on the 5K+ with DAS. Fantastic job, well done!" Link

Odyssey Strap

XabbuSwe. "More comfortable and faster to get the HMD into the right position.
A big plus to the shipping , took about a week to get to me in Sweden, and half that time was at the customs.
Neat packaging to" Link

PSVR Deluxe Strap

LetsPlayPSVR.  "It's a really snug fit, I thought it was going to be slack and was totally shocked when I tried it on and played some extremely active games" Link

Go Deluxe Strap

Fofer. " It's a pretty basic strap, easy to install, but it looks and feels very good. Matches the Go perfectly, almost like it's part of the original design. It holds the Go on my head much more comfortably than the stock strap, for sure. Instead of a thin strap stretching vertically across my head, this one feels cozier, like I'm slipping on a baseball cap. The Go feels more snug and balanced" Link

Apache DAS strap

Laserob. "Received the Apache strap last week. Night and day improvement in comfort with the DAS" Link

Apache DAS strap

Laartwork. "feels like a cap when you just put it on without adjustments. I think with the DAS it’s a great addition" Link

Odyssey Strap


Octofox. "drops into the sweet spot more easily, and I don’t need to set it painfully tight against my forehead any more!" Link

Apache DAS strap

Thoemse. "This strap is great! The DAS gave me a headache (literally) when using it with the Vive. I could not wear it for more than 30 minutes. I wear it with the back pretty far down. The Pimax is slight lifted up front because with my head shape this eliminates distortion. With the strap it is as easy as using a cap basically. No pain, no distortions - fits like a glove. I can recommend it to everyone" Link

Apache DAS strap

Dogbite. "Not having to fiddle with the Pimax when it would drift off the prime focus position put a smile on my face as I played for hours today.
The Vive DAS has a tightening dial but previous to the Studioform Creative Strap, I had to have it uncomfortably tight and close. This was the final piece to the puzzle in finding a comfortable solution I could wear for hours." Link

Studioform Creative VR

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