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Valve Index Counter Balance Enthusiast Kit 200 Gram (7 Oz)

Valve Index Counter Balance Enthusiast Kit 200 Gram (7 Oz)

Optional controller sleeve bundle available in product variation  box

Index Counter Balance Enthusiast Kit 200gram (7Oz)
Perfect for glasses users or anyone wanting to lift front weight for extended game sessions. This kit includes a combination of our Index Apache Comfort Strap and Index Pro Balance 200 gram counter weight. The 200 gram counter weight helps lift front weight of the face while the Apache Strap helps balance weight evenly over the top of your head. Balancing the headset also allows you to loosen the rear tensioner dial relieving pressure of the forehead. The counter weight wrap is ultra slim at just over 1 cm thick and weighs the equivalent of one large 10,000 mAh Power Bank


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Index 200 Gram (7Oz) Curved Counter Weight LINK


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  • Made with our own customised counter weight insert designed specifically to match the Index strap for optimal size/weight ratio
  • Simply wraps on for easy installation. No sticking of velcro required. Holds firmly with no chance of falling off. Can be easily removed in seconds
  • Can be easily cleaned with vacuum, tape or lint roller. Do not immerse in water
  • Genuine hand made item produced with locally sourced materials
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