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Pimax Crystal Counter Balance Multi Enthusiast Kit

Pimax Crystal Counter Balance Multi Enthusiast Kit

This Multi Kit includes our Crystal Apache Comfort Strap and both our Crystal 100 gram and 200 gram counter balance

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Please note: This kit is intended for users who want to experiment with different weight loadings. For example, if you mostly use your Crystal for long seated simulations you may prefer the 200 gram counter balance. For fast action standing games you may want to swap to the 100 gram counter balance. The option of two weight loadings helps fine tune your experience

For enthusiasts wanting to improve comfort over long game sessions. This kit helps improve comfort by evenly distributing the heavy weight of the Crystal over the top of your head

Allthough the Crystal has the battery pack mounted on the back of the headstrap it does not fully counter the heavy front weight of the headset with all the new electronics. The 100 gram counter balance perfectly tweeks the balance of the headset by wrapping perfectly around the back of the top strap. The Apache Comfort Strap is made with our super comfy foam backed Studioform looptex fabric and goes over the top of your head to help lift pressure off the front of your face and improves overall stability

Please note: Pictures of Pico counter balance for example only


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Cleaning tips: Easily remove dust with vacuum brush attachment, Tape or lint roller Wipe surface clean with damp cloth. If necessary lightly soak in water Sponge dry with towel and leave in warm area. Do not twist dry or machine wash


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