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Quest 3 Counter Balance Enthusiast Kit 100 gram (3.5 Oz)

Quest 3 Counter Balance Enthusiast Kit 100 gram (3.5 Oz)

This kit includes a combination of our Quest 3  100 gram counter balance (for stock Q3 strap) and our Quest 3 Deluxe comfort strap

Highly recommended solution for the Quest 3 soft (cloth) strap. The 100 gram counter balance is designed specifically to fit the back of the Quest 3 Stock strap. Instantly improves comfort by holding down the back of the strap reducing the need to overtighten. Also helps lift weight off the front of the face. The included Quest 3 Deluxe strap helps balance weight evenly over the top of the head. Great for people gaming over long game periods. Also good for people with smaller heads who cannot fully tighten the cloth strap

Please note: Pictures of Quest 2 are for example purposes only. Actual Counterbalance is made to fit the new Quest 3 stock strap. Updated pictures coming soon


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For more information on both included items see the following links

Quest 3  100 gram (3.5 Oz)

  • 100% flexible. Can be re bent to suit any head shape
  • Simply wraps on for easy installation. No sticking of velcro required. Holds firmly with no chance of falling off. Can be easily removed in seconds
  • Low profile design. Adds only 1 cm to the back of the quest strap without blocking air flow
  • Made with own custom weight insert designed specifically to match the Quest 3 back strap for optimal size/weight ratio
  • Single padded layer wraps inside the head strap to help relieve pressure points
  • Can be easily cleaned with vacuum, tape or lint roller. Do not immerse in water
  • Genuine hand made items produced with locally sourced materials
    $45.00 Regular Price
    $32.95Sale Price

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