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Quest Pro Deluxe Comfort Strap

Quest Pro Deluxe Comfort Strap

Improves Quest Pro comfort by lifting the hard front rubber pad off the forehead. Improves stability and distributes weight more evenly over the top of your head. Allows the user to completely remove the Quests front rubber pad to move lenses closer to the eyes and increase FOV. Comes with detailed instruction sheet and optional Velcro attachment kit


Please note: Our comfort strap is made from low density foam/fabric and barely affects sound level of the inbuilt speakers, however, we highly recommend mounting the comfort strap around the Quest pro inner side tensioner bands to avoid affecting the audio. Comfort is subjective for each user. We recommend trying different mounting options to suit your head size/shape 

Produced with our own super soft Looptex fabric. A great solution to improve comfort over long game sessions. The strap comes with an optional Velcro kit to help customize fitment

Buy together with our Quest Pro Counterbalance 150 gram: HERE

Discounted Quest Pro 2 Pack Combo available here: HERE

Quest Pro Controller grips available bundled in product drop down box. More details  HERE



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Counter balance solutions for Quest 2 and Quest Elite:

Quest 2 Elite Counter Balance 200 gram (7Oz)

Quest 2 Counter Balance Enthusiast Kit 200 gram (7Oz)

Cleaning tips: Easily remove dust with vacuum brush attachment, Tape or lint roller Wipe surface clean with damp cloth. If necessary lightly soak in water Sponge dry with towel and leave in warm area. Do not twist dry or machine wash

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