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Helps balance front weight and Improves strap comfort

Quest Pro Counter Weight Wrap

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The Quest Pro Counter Weight Wrap has been specifically designed to fit the back of the Quest head strap. It works by adding a soft padded layer to the hard plastic strap while the added weight helps counter front heaviness.

This mod works great on it's own. For best results we highly recommend using it with our Quest Deluxe top strap LINK

These instructions are only a guide. You can try experimenting different counterweight options to suit you needs. Batteries, coins and bolts are a good example. A small power bank is also a good option to help extend battery life


Included in this pack: 

1x Counter Weight Wrap

1x Strap liner

6x Hook Velcro Tabs

1x Hook Velcro Double Sided Strip


Start by applying the provided hook Velcro tabs to the back of your Quest strap. Be sure to wipe the strap clean and remove and oily residue before application. We supply an extra set of tabs if needed


Carefully press the strap liner onto the hook Velcro. Work your way from the middle outwards keeping the liner pad well balanced top and bottom


(Optional step)

Place the strip of double sided hook Velcro on the end opposite to the stitched Velcro and logo


Feed the counterweight wrap logo end first through the back opening of the quest strap. With the palm of your hand carefully press the end of the counter weight wrap onto the strap liner


Tape together a pack of 4 x AA batteries and place them on the other side of the Quest strap. These will hold tight once wrapped. You can also try using coins/ bolts etc.

Anker Astro E1 6700

3.8in (96mm) x 1.7 (43mm) x .09 (2.3mm)  4.2oz/120g


Anker PowerCore 5000

4.2in (106mm) x 1.3 (33mm) x 1.3  4.8oz / 136g


You can also use a power bank as a counterweight. We recommend a small to medium size pack. Lager power banks will fit but may hang down a little


Carefully pull the wrap around the batteries and back over the starting point


Fold the wrap back over itself through the opening  to form a twin layer of padding on the inside of the quest strap


Hook the end of the wrap back onto itself and squeeze tight. If the pack is loose try wrapping it again


Depending on head shape you may want to try fitting the wrap in different configurations with one / two layers on the inside


From testing we believe 4 x AA batteries is a suitable counter weight to help lift the front of the headset however because ergonomics are subjective for each user we recommend experimenting with different weight configurations yourself to find the best fit. Just be careful not to damage the Quest strap from overloading


For Best results we highly recommend using this counterweight kit in combination with our Quest Deluxe Top Strap (not included in this kit)


More Info on the Quest Deluxe Strap here LINK