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Helps improve comfort by supporting front weight


Quest Deluxe Strap

$28.00Regular Price$18.95Sale Price

For best results we recommend

attaching small counterweights to the back of the

Quest strap. Reviews for our Quest Deluxe strap

and Apache for Quest DAS Frankenmod here: 

 Link1  Link2 

Helps balance front weight and adds padding to the

back strap. Also works with small to medium power banks

More Info here  LINK


Quest Pro Counter Weight Wrap

$28.00Regular Price$16.95Sale Price

Please read the product description carefully

before making your purchase

More info and installation tips here LINK

Combination of our Quest Deluxe top Strap

and Quest Pro Counter Weight Wrap 


Quest Pro Enthusiast Kit

$60.00Regular Price$33.95Sale Price

Please read the product description for each item

included in this kit before making your purchase

More info on the Counter Weight Wrap here LINK
Review link HERE

Helps improve comfort by supporting front weight


Odyssey Strap

$32.00Regular Price$23.95Sale Price

Enhances the Valve INDEX and HTC VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap ( DAS )

Also suitable for Quest and Pimax Frankenmods. More info here  LINK


Apache DAS Strap

$33.00Regular Price$23.95Sale Price

Improves comfort for long game sessions

More Info and instructions here LINK


PSVR Deluxe Strap

$28.00Regular Price$18.95Sale Price

The PSVR Deluxe Strap is a great comfort option

for extending long game sessions. Also a good

solution for headsets with broken tensioners

More information and installation tips here LINK

Helps improve comfort for the standard HTC Vive

and Pimax soft head straps


Vive / Pimax Deluxe Strap

$30.00Regular Price$18.95Sale Price

2 X Quest Deluxe Straps

$58.00Regular Price$33.95Sale Price