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Pimax Crystal Apache Comfort Strap + PU leather Ultimate kit COMBO

Pimax Crystal Apache Comfort Strap + PU leather Ultimate kit COMBO

This listing includes a combination of our Pimax Crystal PU Face Foam Leather Ultimate Upgrade Kit and our Pimax Crystal Apache Comfort Strap

1 x Apache Comfort Strap
1 x PU Leather Face Foam Pads
1 x PU Leather Rear Foam Pads
4 x Face Foam Spacers


Optional 100 gram Counter Balance available in product drop down box above (single counter balance wraps around back of the Crystal top strap)

Apache Comfort Strap Info:

Compatible with the Pimax Crystal MAS head strap. This strap helps improve comfort by evenly distributing the heavy weight of the crystal over your head. It also helps lift pressure off the forehead and improves overall stability

PU Leather Foam Kit Info:

Unlike other foam pad options for Crystal, we have selected high-quality memory foam to achieve the best comfort over long gaming periods Combined with a pack of our Pimax Crystal face foam spacers you can fully customize the shape and eye/lens distance the facial interface to suit your exact face shape. The PU leather pads are made from super soft 10mm memory foam, perfect for users who love to achieve a larger FOV by having your eyes as close to the lens as possible. For people with larger noses, you can slowly build out the lens distance by adding spacer gaskets. Included pack of 4 spacer gaskets specs: Our custom made spacer kits will allow you increase the lens distance from your eyes by +10mm (total 20mm including face foam thickness) With the 4 Pairs of side spacer/packers you can increase the sides of your face foam by +20mm (total 30mm including face foam) Once you have determined optimal eye distance and gasket shape you can then custom cut the spacers to form a perfectly layered curve. This helps distribute pressure from the head strap more evenly over your face rather than have it clamp with one pressure point on the centre of your forehead. Perfect for glasses users, simmers, people with larger noses or anyone with a narrow face. The spacers are made from high quality back-to-back hook and loop and can be stacked together in layers. The included instruction sheet helps make the DIY process easy with tips to achieve the best fit possible

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Pimax Crystal Apache Comfort Strap

Made with our super comfy foam backed Studioform looptex fabric


Etsy customer feedback here: LINK


Cleaning tips: Easily remove dust with vacuum brush attachment, Tape or lint roller Wipe surface clean with damp cloth. If necessary lightly soak in water Sponge dry with towel and leave in warm area. Do not twist dry or machine wash

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    $34.95Sale Price

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